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Join a community, not a gym.

Short coach-led workouts that allow you to burn up to

500 calories in just 25 minutes! No mirrors, and no egos.


About us

HITZone is for people who don’t like traditional gyms, but who do want to get fitter and healthier to better enjoy life with their friends and family. 


Our small group exercise sessions are coach led and only 25 minutes long. Members are guided on what to do throughout the 25 minute session and the exercises are suitable for all ages and abilities. 


What's included in your HITZone journey?

  • Small group 25-minute HIIT sessions

  • Bonus COREZone sessions

  • 1-1 Personal support & advice

  • Weekly Lifestyle & Wellbeing Training Programme

  • Habit building & accountability system

  • Nutrition and healthy eating support

  • Measurements & progress checks

Get results or your money back, guaranteed.

Get in touch

Unit 1A, Fourbrooks Business Park, Porte Marsh Ind. Est. Calne. England.

SN15 9PP


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